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CFMCC Steel Structure Company Awarded with Class A Qualification in Construction Industry
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:14 September 2017
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  On August 24, CFMCC Steel Structure Company was awarded with the Class A design qualification in construction industry by the national Housing and Urban-rural Construction Ministry. CFMCC Steel Structure Company, as a high and new technology enterprise of national level, has the steel structure manufacture AAA qualification of China Steel Construction Society, first-grade qualification for steel structure specialized contract, and premium-class qualification for design and construction of architecture metal roof/wall.

  For a long time, CFMCC Steel Structure Company centers on the company’s transformation and upgrading, market development and enlarging of scale, makes good arrangement on the qualification obtaining and long-term planning. In the new period of development, CFMCC Steel Structure Company adapts to the change of market environment, makes active adjustment, and has made the development strategy of driving the development of steel structure by project general contract and promoting project general contract by steel structure brand. It has contracted a batch of EPC projects such as Duoluokou Ceramic Bathroom Center Project, CITS Anyang City Project, Yangluo Economic Development Zone Xingang Industrial Plant Project, and Hohhot Jinshan High and New Technology Industry New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Project. Hohhot Jinshan High and New Technology Industry New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Project opened a new chapter of the PPP projects operation modal.

  The Class A qualification in construction industry a big breakthrough of the qualification obtaining work of CFMCC Steel Structure Company, which has laid a solid foundation for exploring market, driving the development of steel structure by EPC project, and enhancing the core competitiveness and the brand influence.

  By Gui Yu

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