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CFMCC Zhongyi Heavy Industry Company Passes the Certification of Guangxi Enterprise Technology Center
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:02 August 2017
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  On August 1, the notification of 2017 enterprise technology centers newly recognized by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was jointly issued by Industry Information Commission, Science and Technology Agency, Financial Department, National Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau and Nanning Customs. CFMCC Zhongyi Heavy Industry Company (ZHIC) passed the certification successfully and has become the only one unit in Fangchengang city to be identified this year. At present, there are only 9 units which have received this award in Fangchengang city.

  In recent years, ZHIC has set up 22 enterprise research and development projects (including 1 municipal project and 2 autonomous region projects), and has applied for 89 patents in which 62 patents have been authorized. It has also obtained 4 construction methods of provincial level, 9 construction methods of enterprise level, 4 scientific and technological achievements of enterprise level, 5 excellent construction organization designs of enterprise level, and 16 professional papers published on domestic authoritative magazines. At the same time, ZHIC pays attention to the application of new technology in construction and has applied 10 new techniques of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development which have brought obvious economic and social benefits. ZHIC has successively won the title of High and New Technology Enterprise and Research and Development Center of the Autonomous Region.

  By Gu Na

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