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CFMCC Lists No.25 on the Top 100 List of Wuhan Enterprises
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:14 September 2017
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  On September 6 morning, on the conference of announcing 2017 Wuhan top 100 enterprises and top 100 private innovation enterprises held at Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, CFMCC list No.25 of the Wuhan top 100 enterprises. CFMCC chief accountant Cao Jie attended the conference.

 The list was released together by Wuhan Enterprise Federation, Wuhan Enterprise Association, Wuhan Federation of Industry and Commerce, United Changjiang Daily Newspaper Group and Wuhan Broadcasting and TV Station. The list was ranked according to the international practice, the declaration principle of enterprise resources, and the 2016 annual operation income of the declaration enterprises. This year, the threshold of listing on the top 100 enterprises is up to 2.752 billion yuan, which has been increased 158 million yuan compared with last year and is 1.87 times that of 2012.

 In the past year, CFMCC actively adapted to the new normal economy, resisted the pressure of economic downturn, overcame various difficulties, unswervingly adhered to the reform and innovation, strengthened the top-level design, continued to promote the transformation and upgrading of major business, enhanced its core competitiveness and market influence by sharp market focus tracking, strong regional market development and constantly optimized project operation ability, comprehensively overfulfilled the annual budget target, and realized a good start for the 4th five-year plan of the company.

 By Yin Zhiyuan

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