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Hubei's first batch of construction companies integrity list announced, CFMCC was awarded "AAA" credit rating
Source:中國一冶 Author:kaidisun Time:31 December 2019
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  On December 25, The Fifth Member Conference of the 7th Construction Industry Association of Hubei Province announced the results of the credit evaluation of construction enterprises in Hubei Province in 2019, and CFMCC was awarded the "AAA" credit rating. This is the first time that the government of Hubei Province has officially launched the credit evaluation of construction enterprises.

  For many years, CFMCC has always regarded integrity management as the lifeline of enterprise development, and constantly improved its corporate credit management system. CFMCC always adhere to operating in accordance with laws and regulations, and strictly implement contracts, enterprise management, human resources, finance and taxation, safety and quality management, economic benefits, and implementation of social responsibility are in line with market development and synchronized with the social credit system. At the same time, CFMCC firmly establish the concept of "doing a project, building a monument, making a group of friends, expanding a market", continuously improve the quality of engineering and safety management, bravely assume the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, honor commitments with integrity, and return society with quality products, and maximizing the mutual benefit and win-win situation with all parties, and have made outstanding contributions to the development of the construction industry.


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