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CFMCC won the Award of 20th Hubei Excellent Enterprise
Source: Author:Kaidi Sun Time:31 December 2019
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  On September 19th, the Hubei Provincial Enterprise Confederation and the Hubei Entrepreneurs Association jointly released the “Top 20 Enterprises in Hubei Province” list. CFMCC was shortlisted and won “The 20th Hubei Excellent Enterprise (Golden Crane Award)”. Song Zhanjiang, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CFMCC, won the "20th Hubei Excellent Entrepreneur (Golden Bull Award)".

  The selection is based on international and domestic practices. Taking the operating income of 2018 as the short-listing standard, the company's top 100 enterprises in Hubei were determined in 2019 after being declared by the enterprise and reviewed by the expert committee.The threshold for the top 100 enterprises in Hubei has been increasing year by year, and raised to 4.75 billion yuan in 2019.Under the overall economic downward trend, although in 2019 the main economic indicators of the top 100 enterprises in Hubei  have slowed down, the economic structure of the enterprises has been optimized and the quality of growth has been significantly improved. Many large enterprises have worked hard in the aspects of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, scientific research investment, and market development, and have paid more attention to development quality.

  In the past year,two-level leadership team and all cadres and employees of CFMCC strive to open up the market, deepen reforms and innovations, strengthen brand advantages, implement high-end and branded development strategies, and fully exceed annual economic targets. CFMCC is aim to  achieve new growth in corporate development benefits, new breakthroughs in corporate development quality, and new levels of corporate development. A solid step has been taken towards the construction of a “strong, innovative, progressive, civilized, and cheerful” CFMCC.

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