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The 2019 CFMCC project manager training program was launched.
Source: Author:Sun Kaidi Time:09 July 2019
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  The 2019 CFMCC project manager training programme open ceremony was launched on May 20th. The leaders of CFMCC,Song Zhanjiang, Guo Jizhou, Tian Guoqing, Wang Jian attended the opening ceremony.

  Liu Yiming, general manager of the CFMCC and deputy secretary of the party committee, pointed out in the class opening mobilization speech that project management is the cornerstone of the development of construction enterprises. In recent years, CFMCC has been holding high quality project manager training programme year by year, in order to comprehensively improve the working ability of in-service project managers especially the young project managers. The training programme could accelerate the construction of an excellent project management team, and to build the first-class project management capabilities. This project manager training programme has been well prepared according to past experience. The content arrangement has fully reflected the spirit of the Chairman Guo Wenqing, which is “improving project risk management and control, and benefiting from high-standard management”,and implemented the “promoting project management and control and value creation capability” proposed by the CFMCC meeting at the beginning of the year. It is required that all students should cherish this learning opportunity, find gaps, make up shortcomings, and learn to make a difference as well as combine knowledge with practice .

  Liu Yiming put forward six requirements about“Towards the future, how to become a qualified project manager”for all the students.

  Firstly, we strengthen the spirit of the contract and focus on improving the ability to perform in good faith.Integrity performance is vital for  the survival of the company and is the most basic and important responsibility of the project manager.The majority of project managers should further enhance their awareness of integrity and compliance while continuing to strengthen their thinking, theory, technology, and craftsmanship:First,to strengthen the contractual spirit of Party A and the owners, strengthen the spirit of the contract, and strengthen on-site quality, safety, and construction deadlines; The second is to fulfill the contractual integrity of the enterprise, to strengthen the efficiency of the project, to regard the completion of the various business indicators issued by the enterprise as the basic responsibility of the project management team; the third is to fulfill the integrity of the contractor and supplier, and strengthen the sense of cooperation, Perform their duties in accordance with the law.

  Secondly, we must strengthen the awareness of standardization management and focus on implementing the standardization and upgrading requirements for projects.In recent years,CFMCC promoted the level of project management and control as the main line,and continued to promote the standardization management of the project, step by step, to greatly improve  the brand reputation and market influence of the company. All the students should further strengthen the consciousness and initiative of standardization management,fully implement the management requirements of labor service real-name system, and consciously apply the contents of training to practical management practices,and solidly promote the full coverage of the whole process of project management and the whole process.

  Thirdly, we must strengthen the awareness of refined management and focus on improving the value creation ability of the project.Excellent project management ability is one of the necessary qualities of the project manager and an important criterion of measuring a project manager.

  Fourth, we must strengthen the awareness of brand marketing and focus on improving market development capabilities.Marketing is the “first workshop” of the enterprise, and “doing the market on the spot” is an important market development tool for enterprises. In recent years, the Group has created a number of quality projects with both quality and reputation.All project managers must continuously strengthen brand awareness by continuing to build excellent quality projects and using the project as a carrier to demonstrate the “steel standards and steel quality” of CFMCC,the company's market share, brand reputation and social influence will be further enhanced.

  Fifth, we must strengthen the awareness of innovation and focus on improving the ability to create quality products and brands. After more than 60 years of development,CFMCC has formed an excellent innovation culture gene, and has accumulated core technology clusters with independent intellectual property rights in technological innovation, which has played a key supporting role for enterprises to continue to grow and develop in the market competition. The project is the main support and carrier of management innovation and technological innovation. The project manager must have a long-term vision and a global awareness. The project manager should focus on “high, large, comprehensive, precise and advanced” projects so as to continuously improve technological innovation, management innovation, process innovation and problem-solving program innovation ability.

  Sixth, we must strengthen the awareness of employee training and improve team management skills. Excellent project manager is one of the most needed talents. It is necessary to continuously hold high-standard project management training courses  to further enhance the ability, quality and qualification of the project managers. At the same time, the students should bring their learning results to the front line of the project, strengthen team learning exchanges, and strive to create “excellent project managers and excellent projects chief Engineer, excellent business manager" which is the iron triangle of project management.

  Tian Guoqing, deputy general manager of CFMCC, presided over the opening ceremony and asked all the trainees to combine the content of the training course to deeply understand the spirit of the leadership of CFMCC.  And integrate it into daily work, guide actions, and to be the leader in improving project management level.

  Sun Shijun, the head of the project management department of CFMCC,introduced the basic situation of the training course at the opening ceremony. The training was highly valued by the group leaders. The training content and form were studied repeatedly, and carefully designed in the course setting, teacher arrangement, training courseware. And strictly checked and reviewed.The training class invited experts with rich practical experience in the fields of engineering construction technology, quality management, standardization construction, legal risk management and control, etc., and integrated various forms such as centralized lectures, group discussions, on-site training, and thesis defense. Strive for training to be effective.

  More than 120 people from CFMCC's various molecular companies, some of the managerial management of the project, the department of project management, and the excellent project manager attended the opening ceremony.

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