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Song Zhanjiang Meets with Liu Wei, President of Beijing Shunjing Garden Co., Ltd.
Source:中國一冶 Author:海外公司 Time:09 July 2019
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  On May 28th, Song Zhanjiang, the party secretary and chairman of CFMCC, met with Liu Wei, president of Beijing Sunshine Landscape Co., Ltd., and shared the views about strengthening the cooperation of projects in Municipal, Building construction and garden landscape fields.

  Song Zhanjiang expressed welcome to Liu Wei and his entourage, and briefly introduced the history and development of CFMCC. Song Zhanjiang pointed out that CFMCC, as a large-scale state-owned enterprise, has closely followed the strategic positioning of China Metallurgical Group, which is“Being the national team of metallurgical construction,the main force of capital construction, leading runner of emerging industry”, giving full play to the advantages of professionalism and technology, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and have “three special qualifications” for general contracting of construction engineering, municipal public works and metallurgical engineering. Song Zhanjiang said that cooperation is the cornerstone of the company's development and growth. We hope that CFMCC and Beijing Sunshine Landscape Co., Ltd. will give full play to our advantages, cooperate in good faith, achieve strong alliances, join hands and seek common development.

  Liu Wei expressed gratitude to China Yiye for its warm reception and expressed admiration for the development of CFMCC. He pointed out that CFMCC, as the founder of the national steel industry, has a glorious history. In recent years, it has successfully transformed and developed which accumulated rich experience in urban infrastructure construction field. Liu Wei said that Beijing Sunshine Landscape is characterized by real estate landscape greening and is actively expanding into the municipal gardening and greening field. He hopes to cooperate with CFMCC in a large-scaled project, deeper and more professional wayto complement each other's advantages and jointly create high-quality projects for mutual benefit and win-win results.

  Wu Hong, Vice President of Beijing Sunshine Landscape Co., Ltd, Cheng Huiqi, Director of Nanjing Company, Zhang Xiaoqiang, Deputy General Manager of CFMCC, and relevent staff of Hubei Company attended the meeting. Before the discussion, Liu Wei and his party also visited the CFMCC Exhibition Hall.

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