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Speech contest named “Power of Role Models” held successfully by CFMCC
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:07 July 2017
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  On June 29, a speech contest named “Power of Role Models” was held successfully by CFMCC at the multi-function room on 3rd floor of the science & technology building. Competitors come from party committees of various units within the group company, general party branches directly under the group company as well as party organizations of units outside Wuhan. They showed vividly a new demeanor of company party members and party branches that basing on everyone’s own work and striving to be the first and best, winning unanimous praise of judges and audiences.
  This speech contest all together has 28 speeches made by staff from 19 units of CFMCC. Each speech focuses on its subject and is strict with its content quality, which is combined with the learning and education of “Two Studies, One Action” and content of activity “Make new achievements and welcome the Party Congress”. Competitors, full of sprit and emotional, told stories about good people and good deeds around us, showing good images of excellent CFMCC Party members and the fortress role of advanced CFMCC Party branches, and guided employees to work based on their positions and present to the 3rd Party Congress of CFMCC by their outstanding performances.
  In order to ensure the openness, fairness and justice of the speech contest, members of judge team are professional judges and excellent CFMCC Party members, who should make comprehensive judgment from the content, language expression, form, image, etc. of speeches. After fierce competition, “Passionate Years of an Old Cattle” sent by the Steel Structure company, “Go Forward toward the Direction in Heart” sent by CFMCC head office, and “Transportation Staff on the Highway” sent by the Transportation company won the top three prizes respectively. Excellent speeches of the competition will also be performanced on the CFMCC July 1st Awards Ceremony.

  By Yin Zhiyuan

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