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CFMCC Overseas Company Has Completed Foundation Pouring of No.2 Water Tower of Pakistan DHA Eight Phase Project
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:27 March 2017
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On March 2 (Pakistan Time), foundation pouring of No.2 Water Tower of DHA Eight Phase Project in Pakistan undertaken by CFMCC Overseas Company has been completed, known as the second large-scale landmark project after the completion of foundation pouring of No.1 water tower. The construction of two large-scale foundations (about 1000 cubic meters concrete altogether) completed in such a short time has shown CFMCC’s dedication and determination again which represents “the first army of metallurgical construction in China” and “PV spirit”. Accordingly, the DHA Eight Phase Project received a positive response from the owner in Pakistan.
During the construction of concrete foundations of No.1 and No.2 water tower, there has been increased tension in Pakistan. Since the end of February, terrorist attacks have happened frequently in Lahore where our project is located, which exerted great psychological impact on Chinese staff from the project department. Thanks to the guidance and concern given by two-level companies and the owner, the project department of DHC Eight Phase Project of Pakistan Company overcame difficulties and strove to complete construction. Faced with local tensions, it strengthened security at the construction site by sending additional policemen for the protection of workers and managerial staff and Overseas Company provided the corporate headquarter with charts of personnel safety situation every morning and night through Wechat group. In addition, project department made adjustments and plans for daily construction in accordance with schedule and the present situation. Before pouring concrete, it was well-organized and well-planned in personnel, machineries and materials etc. which demonstrated CFMCC’s ability to organize and coordinate at site during construction and completed the concrete pouring of No.2 water tower according to the owner’s schedule.

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