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CFMCC Overseas Company Carried out Book Giveaways Activity
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:26 February 2016
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On 22nd February, the Lantern festival, CFMCC Overseas Company carried out book giveaways activity. Mao Hongtao, the Secretary of CPC of the company, gave books to leading cadres in Wuhan and department heads of the office as gifts. He encouraged the leading cadres and all staff to read more and think more from the beginning of New Year, establish healthy trends and create the good atmosphere of staff study throughout CFMCC Overseas Company.

How to be a Good Deputy published by China Personnel Press is the book given to the leading cadres and staff. It’s a popular literature of leadership, one of the series of management post-training.  There are 5 chapters in total which includes interpretation of deputy, performance principle of deputy, leading art of deputy, development of quality and ability of deputy, etiquette standard of deputy.

Mao Hongtao expressed that only learned staff and cadres can capture the problems and solve the same, hope our staff can get down to read books to look for easiness, happiness and knowledge during the busy daily work.

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