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CFMCC Zhong Yi Heavy Industry Co.Ltd Carries Out “Endeavor Cup” Knowledge Contest
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:17 December 2015
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In the evening of Nov.25th, CFMCC carried out “Endeavor cup” knowledge contest.

The contest content includes construction safety, company policy, political party and other organization system and life history etc general knowledge. Team from Zhong Yi Heavy Industry Co.Ltd headquarter, manufacturing branch office and nine teams from several projects participated in the contest. Each group draws lots prior to the start of the contest. After written test of required questions, group tie-breaker questions and risk questions, in the end, three groups with their good teamwork entered into the finals. Project management department group with 410 points win the title, Nan Nan Lv group with 360 points ranks the second place, design group with 310 points ranks the third place.

Through the knowledge contest, the teams learned positively, cooperate and fight, which is beneficial to broaden the scope of knowledge of young people, enrich the spare time of employee and improve the cohesion and centripetal force of young employee.

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