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Fang Chenggang Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Bulletin First Issued in October
Source: Author:王璐 Time:22 October 2015
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On Oct.10th, to broaden the influence of enterprise culture and promote spiritual civilization, “Go Ahead! Zhongyi!” was first published by Fang Chenggang Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. , under the advice and support from higher Party and the Party Committee.

The bulletin is designed into 4 spaces. The front page declares company news. And part B reveals project safety and quality control, as well as the situations of projects under-construction. Furthermore, part C records company production and manufactory details. And part D goes to cultural and recreational activities, also impressions record by employee.

The four parts cover a wide range of the company chronicle of events, and help all staff improve personal ability, also build a communication platform for all.

By Fan Changchun

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