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Overseas Business

    In order to actively respond to national “going global” strategy, CFMCC has undertaken overseas projects and conducted labor export service since 1980s. In 1995, CFMCC was awarded direct foreign trade right by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. With the concern and support of related government departments, MCC group and department of commerce of Hubei Province, CFMCC has contracted and undertaken more than 100 projects in more than 20 countries, i.e. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia of Asia, Libya, Zimbabwe, South Africa of Africa, Germany of Europe etc. The projects cover the fields of industry, civil building, water supply, oil pipe installation, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, municipal works etc. CFMCC has exported large numbers of labors to abovementioned countries and regions, and relying on general contracting project, CFMCC has also developed export business actively, such as export of large numbers of mechanical and electrical equipment, building materials and steel structure. At present, CFMCC has set up branches in India, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Malaysia etc., which preliminarily forms a Great Overseas Pattern.

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